Junior Golf Instruction

Junior golf is extremely important to me. The young golfers today are the ones that will continue to grow and improve the game tomorrow, and it is so important that they learn to play the game correctly and start early.

For those of you that may have started playing golf later in your adult life, imagine how much more you would enjoy the game now if you had started when you were young. Now imagine if you had not only started young, but learned proper technique before you had a chance to ingrain all the bad habits that come along from trying to learn the game by ourselves. Things would most likely be very different, wouldn’t they?

When we learn to do things with proper form and technique from the beginning, we learn quicker and we perform better. There are fewer obstacles to overcome, so we improve faster, and improving is what leads to enjoyment of the game.

I got the chance to witness this over and over again during my time as lead instructor at the Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy. I’ve given over 10,000 lessons to juniors, and over 100 of my students have received golf scholarships to Division 1 and Division 2 schools.


  • Named top 25 junior coach in country
  • Taught an NCAA champion
  • Taught students that are NCAA 1st team all americans and 2nd team all-americans
  • Taught 5 AJGA all-americans
  • My students have over 20 AJGA tournament victories
  • My students have over 100 junior tournament victories
  • My students have over 20 individual collegiate tournament victories
  • I teach the #6 junior girl in the world
  • I teach the #4 junior male in the world