Video Lesson Information

Are you somebody who isn’t sure if you want a personal lesson but still wants to improve? Maybe the drive to Firekeeper seems a bit time consuming but you still want world class instruction. Try online lessons. You send Josh a down the line and face on video of your golf swing. Within 48 hours he sends you back a voice over video explaining in detail your faults and fixes. It’s that easy to start playing better golf!

Instructions for Videos

Step 1. Filming and uploading your video can be done with any camcorder, digital camera that records video or cell phone. Just shoot your swing (either using a tripod or having a friend film you) from face on and then take another video from down the line (from behind the golfer). On the down the line video, make sure the camera is around belt high, right between the golfers feet and ball shooting down the target line. (A good thought is to have the camera pointing right at the golfers hands so you could make a line between the camera, hands and target) On the face on, film the golfer from mid sternum high so they’re centered in the camera. Make sure you’re far enough away to capture the entire club throughout the swing.

Step 2. Email the videos to Please keep videos under 10MB and submit the two swings in separate emails if you need to. Also include a little about your swing. What is giving you problems (for example are you slicing and want to straighten that out)? How long have you been playing and what would an average score be for you in a round? What is your tendency at impact? Do you tend to hit it heavy, off the heal or toe etc.

That’s all there is to it! Within 48 hours you’ll be watching your very own swing lesson with my voice over. I’ll explain what I see and give you suggestions on steps you need to take to correct your issues. I’ll give you some drills that you can use to help you practice and soon you’ll be playing better golf!

To all members of The National Golf Club and The Duece:

You do not need to pay through PayPal, simply email your videos to Josh and you will be billed through the club. If you are looking to do the 3 lesson package, let Josh know at

Number of Lessons